Struggling to come up with Facebook content for your page? This is for you!

Struggling with Facebook Content Ideas?

Try this Triple-Play Approach to Get Started

Business Facebook content struggles got you stuck? Trying to come up with ideas for your Facebook posts? Use my simple Triple-Play Facebook ideas to make a plan before you create your content. Build posts in chunks of three. Don’t be overwhelmed or try to create a dozen posts all at once. To help you out, I’ve created three faux posts to show you what a Triple-Play looks like.

It’s important to post several times a week and this Triple-Play can make it easier for you. Beware, however, you should be posting more content than what’s on sale this week. My scrolling eyes are getting heavy just thinking about those ads! That’s not what this blog is about. If you want to engage your audience and build your following it goes beyond what’s on sale. Build a message and connect with your audience.

Before you decide on the content, determine a goal. Maybe you want folks to learn about an event or a great product, or maybe you simply want to connect with your audience on a deeper level. These are all very common reasons you do or should want to post on your business page.

The way a triple-play works is simple. Three posts that have synergy around one another that point towards your goal. They stand alone but together they are a stronger message that connects with your audience in a relevant and meaningful way.

Before we get started, let’s get our brains straight.

Syn·er·gy… the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

The Goal

I was recently asked by a Tupperware Consultant how to gain traction on social media for their sideline business through social media.  They’ve always done a great job sharing the latest promotions and great deals going on via their personal Facebook page. First, make sure that you have a business Facebook page for your sideline biz. They are free and they produce amazing analytics so you know who your audience is, what posts are getting the most views, and what THEY LIKE. You miss all this cool stuff if you post on your personal page.

With that said, this leads me to use Tupperware in this example. I chose to promote Tupperware’s Drinking Bottles with the goal to feature them this week in my faux posts! From this goal, I want to engage, educate, and help solve a challenge that most folks can relate to. You will see the synergy around these three stand-alone posts that engage, educate, and help solve a challenge.

Triple-Play Facebook Post #1: Engage

Engage your audiences with topics they can relate to. Everyone has a recycle bin.

Engage your audience with a simple question. Everyone has a recycle bin, I think they can relate to this one. Get them talking. Get seen more!

Triple-Play Facebook Post #2: Educate

Ditch the bottled water and drink tap water. You'll be smarter because the fact is you'll save lots of money for every gallon and it's better for you!

Teach them something. Talk about relevant and current issues that they can relate to. Make them smarter by using facts, and don’t make them up!

Triple-Play Facebook Post #3: Solve

Take the tap water back. It's purer than bottled water, don't be fooled! Triple-Play power in all three together.

Add context to remind them that they can save 3,000% per gallon of water when using tap vs. bottled water. This being based on a Harvard University study.

Maybe this is the time to let them in on a secret most don’t know… MYTH: Bottled Water is Purer than Tap Water. #NOT Hence where the “Take Back the Tap” slogan comes from.

Triple-Play Summary

Each of these posts stand-alone but yet when combined they become a much stronger message that is very relatable.

What’s more powerful than you helping them solve bigger challenges? A sale price on the coolest bowl? I don’t think so. This is much more than a sale on something. It’s reality and provides them with hope and a reason they need more of these and less of the overpriced bottled water.

Maybe you sell shoes. Educate your customers on tips for keeping their feet happy. What can they do to help mitigate common problems caused by shoes with poor support? Feature fashionable shoes that meet the happy feet mark by other customers or consumer reviews! You get the idea. Engage them and make them smarter.

You’ll reach a much broader audience by sharing your expertise, not just what’s on sale this week. They’ll be more likely to think of you the next time they leave the house to shop for shoes or need a reusable water bottle you can freeze. WHY? Because you made them smarter and connected with them in a relatable way.

What’s your triple-play? Pick one goal, create three posts, and have fun!

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