Bring customers childlike hope and wonder when you work with them!

Snow Day Excitement

Nothing like bringing out that snow day childlike excitement! Imagine if you could create that same childlike feeling of excitement for your customers.  Just like anticipating a snow day, customers anticipate the day they’ve saved for when they are spending their money with you for this much anticipated day, purchase, or event!

If you are a retailer or service provider, you are delivering that ‘Snow Day’ experience often. How do you enhance your customer’s experience to give them that childlike excitement?

Engage Customers to Create Childlike Wonder & Excitement

Ask them a question and genuinely listen to them. That’s a nice and simple start to any conversation or relationship. Most likely they’ll naturally share what brings the two of you face-to-face at that moment. This allows you to enhance their experience as they’ve anticipated and planned for this.

When you show that you care, and you know the goal of their “Snow Day” it’s much easier to deliver positive energy to enhance their excitement. BONUS… when you make other people smile, it’ll make your day a whole lot better too!


  • Welcome customers and connect with them in a genuine way.
  • Helping them with an outfit for a special occasion? Make sure they’ve got the accessories, shoes, socks, belt, or bag to finish the look. That’s not selling, that’s assisting them and saving them another trip to a store!
  • Selling snow blowers ahead of the big storm? Maybe they’ve always shoveled their snow. Celebrate their purchase with all the benefits they’ll get using their new toy and what they can do with the found time.

Service Providers

  • Maybe you are a plumber and you are the first one into the bathroom that’s been taken down to the studs. Your work may be an official ‘groundbreaking’ moment for their much-anticipated dream remodel. It represents more than repositioning the plumbing in that space they hired you to perform. Listen to them and it’s easy to enhance their experience. This is about THEM.
  • HVAC might be installing the first central air system that will bring comfort the customer has dreamed of having for years. That’s something worth celebrating with the customer!
  • Repair Technicians are a wealth of knowledge. If your customer is engaged with you while you are working, provide tips or tricks that make them smarter. Who doesn’t love to ‘feel’ smarter?
  • Catering an event? Well, that is typically a celebration and a perfect day to enhance their childlike excitement just like a snow day might.

Home Furnishings

  • Delivering a new furniture set? Share in the customer’s excitement and SMILE. Thank them for their purchase. Keep the ‘it’s been a long day’ sharing for your friends or family. If you do, you are raining on that moment because they may become empathic and less excited. Giving up excitement for empathy kind of spoils the moment. Remember, this is about THEM, not you!
  • Does the new piece of furniture really rock their space? Don’t be shy, TELL THEM!

A little bit goes a long way with customers because they always remember how you made them feel. When you make them feel good and add to their snow-day-like excitement, it’s a branded experience that’s pretty hard to beat!

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