Holiday Meal Planning

Holiday Meal Planning Simplicity

Focus on the Moments Not the Meal

Holiday meal planning can be fun and creative. Whether you are having a sit-down meal or planning more of a grazing event, it can get to be a lot of food. Let’s face it, the more food and variety simply mean more work and cooks in the kitchen. All those dishes and leftovers to take care of throughout the gathering. As a “foodie” myself, I love exploring a smorgasbord of food. However, over time have come to realize that I am missing so many special moments as I’m scurrying around the kitchen. After all, you don’t have to plan an extravaganza of food to be a good host or have fun.

As a Baby Boomer, my outlook and priorities are much different than they once were. Priorities change and the special Holiday moments and memories are more precious than ever. Much more precious than the food. That sounded out of place, I know, because it is.

Consider simplifying your meal planning so you don’t have to hear about what you missed in the other room. Don’t wait until the next day to catch up on Facebook. Seeing the photos or the adorable video that played out about 50 feet from you last night. That’s nonsense and you deserve better.

Easy Holiday Dinner Ideas

How about planning a simple meal and asking guests to bring a sweet treat to share. Create a charcuterie dessert board to bring all the goodies together. Let the children help create a beautiful dessert display to be enjoyed later.

Don’t have a big board? Grab some brown butcher paper and cover an island, table, or counter space and place the food directly on that. Makes clean up fast and easy!

This year I am planning a simple meal that I can prepare well ahead of my guest’s arrival that is simple. White Chicken Chili with fresh baked dinner rolls.

Dessert charcuterie boards are my most recent fav, so I’ll let my guests do the baking. Often, they have, themselves, participated in a holiday baking event and have great variety on hand. Making it easier for your guests is a kind thing to do during this very busy season of celebrating and parties. Grab inspiration from images on Google. Even if they aren’t into baking, it’s easy enough to grab a package of holiday goodies at the local grocery store or bakery.

Struggling to figure out what you’ll be cooking this Holiday? Check out Taste of Home’s 75 Recipes Perfect for an Easy Christmas Dinner. Grab inspiration or ideas for meal brainstorming.

Since I will be going simple on my meal planning this year, I just may try these drink recipes from the list of 75.

Spend Time in the Moments

Enjoy all the events you host or gather for this Holiday season. If it should get a bit hectic, just take a deep breath and remember what’s most important. The moments not the meal. Don’t MISS them!

Soak up the special experiences as you celebrate.

Enjoy each stage of the season capturing what’s most important, the moments. You just might find hope and that’s a pretty valuable resource to build.

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