Graduation Celebration Season is Here

Graduation Party Planning Fundamentals

Party Planning Starts with the Basics

Planning the perfect Graduation Party Celebration needs to start with the basics. That’s the five pieces of information to kick off the planning. I’ll save you some stress by bringing structure to your planning. Having planned dozens of Graduation Parties over the years, I’ve learned some basic items you must nail down first. Build out from there. You’ll be so glad you did!

Graduation Party Planning Basics

  • Date, Time, and Duration
  • Who You’ll Invite
  • Location
  • Theme
  • Budget

Once you have the Graduation Party Planning Fundamentals down, you’ve got what you need to get working on all those fun details!

If you try to start gathering stuff for the party, before the basics are set in place, it will bring you more stress as you get further down the road in your planning. You must STOP before you walk or run and get these five basic fundamentals down.

Graduation Planning Tips

Often we notice that the parents that have hosted several Graduation Parties have learned how to roll them out. And once again, the baby of the family wins. WHY? Because the parents have learned from mistakes, minimized risks and waste, and keep getting better at planning and hosting with ease!

Here are some tips I’d like to share with you that have helped my customers with party planning.

  • Get your Basics Down First
  • Use a Graduation Planning Checklist
  • Get on the Address & Invite list, it’ll take the most time and you can’t have a party without them!
  • Build a Timeline and stick to it
  • Work ahead of your Timeline whenever possible
  • Have helpers the Day Prior & Day of the Event so you can relax and enjoy all the festivities surrounding the big day
  • Picking a theme will help you tremendously with choosing Decorations

When picking a theme it should be focused on the Graduate’s passion(s). Maybe they were the Captain of their Soccer Team or champion of the Debate Club. Perhaps they are an aspiring artist and you display scanned copies of their art from Grade School through High School. You get the idea.

Celebrating your Graduate’s accomplishments should be an exciting and fun time in their lives and yours too. Often times when things get a bit ‘wonky’ if we just go back to the basics we can find our footing and keep creating that experience you both dream of!

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