Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Don’t be afraid of Marketing on Facebook, it’s easy!

Are you a small business owner or someone trying to take your hobby to a business? Facebook business pages are within budget because they are free but so many small businesses don’t bother. It’s a GREAT way to increase your reach and audience. But if you don’t have one, many folks won’t find you. Why not leverage an opportunity to increase your customer reach without spending a nickel? Having a business page and actively posting at least a few times a week is what you should be doing.

Facebook makes it easy to set up and provides simple step-by-step instructions. Scared you’ll mess up? Grab a teenager in your friends or family circle. Let them help take the fear out of it for you and you might just have some fun too! Did you know you can schedule business page posts in advance so you won’t have to be plugging away on your computer after the store closes?

Often I’ve seen customers set up a business Facebook page but they miss setting up their summary and service pages. People search for services and places in their area, so why not help them find YOU? It can make it like playing hide and seek with your potential audience if you don’t set it up properly.

Some retail owners, that are not on Facebook, don’t see the value in marketing their business there. But they are WRONG! According to DATAREPORTAL Facebook stats, there are nearly 3 billion people on Facebook worldwide. 54% of Americans have a Facebook account. Why limit your potential reach?

Tips for Getting it Right the First Time

Being marketing present in the places where consumers are looking online is key to increasing your market share and letting your consumers know what services and offerings you provide. Giving them a feel for your brand’s DNA is important because consumers like to know what makes your brand unique.

Facebook provides step-by-step instructions to make setting up your business page intuitive. Shutterstock provides 12 Top Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses that can help you with the content.

One final tip from me to you. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen a great ad or an upcoming event posting and the marketer doesn’t share their location. Whoops! Kind of a big deal folks. Can’t come to see you if we don’t know where you are.

No services or location on your Business Facebook page? Don’t leave your wanna-be customers perplexed and going elsewhere!

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