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Corporate event planning - A group of happy people.

Event Planning

What Does a Corporate Event Planner Do?

A corporate event planner helps you plan and design your event, then puts the plan in motion, handling the venue(s), logistics, budget, and people, to ensure your event is a success. Communication, organization, and time management are three crucial skills any event or trade show planner must have.

Scope & Purpose

The first step is defining the purpose and scope of the event. Once these are known, the event planner can move on to the design, logistics, and budget estimation.


Your event planner will help you determine what can and can’t be done within your budget, and help keep your event costs from growing out of control.


Your corporate event planner will help arrange and book a venue or space that meets your schedule, needs, and budget.

Presenters / Entertainment

Speakers, performers, or entertainers are often a highlight of any corporate event. Your event planner can assist with scheduling and booking these acts, plus get them set up for success the day of the event.

Transportation / Accommodations

An event planner can set up transportation to and from the event, hotel stays, and more.

Corporate Event Planning - A group of professionals networking.

Events We Plan

I can help with most corporate events and meetings, including those listed below. I serve Minneapolis, St. Paul, the Twin Cities metro region, southern Minnesota, northern Iowa, or anywhere in the U.S. (with travel expenses).

  • Appreciation events
  • Awards galas
  • Seminars
  • Fundraisers
  • Corporate retreats
  • Trade shows
  • Milestones / launch parties
  • Board / shareholder meetings
  • And more

What Does Corporate Event Planning Cost?

Our services cost $138 per hour. The total project cost will vary depending on the details. Sign up for a complimentary virtual consultation so I may listen to your needs, challenges, and goals to determine how best to help and provide a price quote. If I don’t have the expertise to help you, I will kindly let you know.

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