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  • Feeding a Crowd

    Feeding a Crowd

    Ideas for Feeding a Crowd As we approach a very popular time of year to gather and celebrate special moments, you might be thinking how am I going to feed a crowd without being a stressed mess at the party? If you’ve hosted gatherings, with several dozen guests or a hundred, you know what I’m…

  • Graduation Party Planning Fundamentals

    Graduation Party Planning Fundamentals

    Party Planning Starts with the Basics Planning the perfect Graduation Party Celebration needs to start with the basics. That’s the five pieces of information to kick off the planning. I’ll save you some stress by bringing structure to your planning. Having planned dozens of Graduation Parties over the years, I’ve learned some basic items you…

  • Retail Hour Solutions

    Retail Hour Solutions

    Tired of hanging up the sign because your retail hours are shorter and leaner than they once were? Things have changed and so should your solutions. Working locals want to shop with you but you’re closed after working hours. You try to become an online store which is great but that’s not why we shop…

  • Snow Day Excitement

    Snow Day Excitement

    Nothing like bringing out that snow day childlike excitement! Imagine if you could create that same childlike feeling of excitement for your customers.  Just like anticipating a snow day, customers anticipate the day they’ve saved for when they are spending their money with you for this much anticipated day, purchase, or event! If you are…

  • Struggling with Facebook Content Ideas?

    Struggling with Facebook Content Ideas?

    Try this Triple-Play Approach to Get Started Business Facebook content struggles got you stuck? Trying to come up with ideas for your Facebook posts? Use my simple Triple-Play Facebook ideas to make a plan before you create your content. Build posts in chunks of three. Don’t be overwhelmed or try to create a dozen posts…

  • Entertaining Ease

    Entertaining Ease

    Find yourself entertaining and always wondering if there’s an easier way. I know, I know! Me too. In this blog, I’ve compiled some quick tips and ideas to help you enjoy hosting and provide a nice guest experience with ease. Follow these 3 easy steps for entertaining ease. Grab Your MBA in “Entertaining with Ease”…

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