Baby Shower Planning 101

Get the Basics Down First

Baby Shower planning can be fun, or it can be stressful. Which do you prefer? I once helped a friend who was overwhelmed with the thought of hosting a couple’s baby shower and planning all the details. After all, this forthcoming blessing was going to be the first child and grandchild for all families involved.

When we first discussed details about the shower it was easy to come up with lots of great ideas. We could do this or that game and wouldn’t these decorations be amazing? Once we moved past the visionary party planning in our heads, it was time to get down to starting the actual plan. 

We struggled to get past the proverbial “Go” because trying to get the key details and decisions out of her was like trying to nail Jell-O to a tree. It took weeks to just get these details down🙄

  • When: Gotta have a Date
  • Time: Time & Duration
  • Where: Location
  • Who’s Invited: Guest List

Until you know these basic but crucial pieces, your planning won’t get further than an animated discussion and vision. All too often, people start buying bling and planning fun food without even having the basics established. This can lead to wasted time and money which are two things most of us could use more of not less.

Once you know the date, time, and duration it becomes easier to consider what type of food you’ll serve. If the shower is at noon, plan a heavier food option because it’s lunchtime. If you don’t you’ll have guests wondering if they’ve had too many cupcakes or peanuts because they showed up hungry thinking you’d feed them since it’s lunchtime. Planning a mid-afternoon event? Lighter snacks and/or treats are sufficient. You get the idea.

Without a guest list, it’s hard to order invites, and plan your food, beverage, and party favors. You need to plan a comfortable setting for the group size. 

One of the most daunting tasks will be gathering addresses to send invites out. Get going on that ASAP. You should send your mailed invites out four to six weeks before the shower so your guests can plan around it. 

While I don’t recommend it, If you are relying on a social media event or plan to e-vite folks, make sure you request an RSVP as it’ll give them a better chance of remembering their commitment. A reminder to all invitees one week prior to the event will help improve attendance.

So, the next time you sit down to plan a shower or help a friend, make sure you nail down these basics before you get too far in your planning. Here is a handy checklist from Shutterfly for planning your next shower. If you use Microsoft products they have great templates that can help you organize all the details too.

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