8 Things to Consider when Planning an Employee Event

Ever been to an employee event and left wondering what the goal was after it was over? May have even traveled and included an overnight stay? Then gone home thinking, “That was nice but what was the point? What a waste of money.” I certainly have. Wasted time, money, and resources sort of bother me. Before you get under way with your employee event planning, you should consider these 8 things.

  1. Goal of Event
  2. Attendees
  3. Realistic Budget
  4. Event Theme
  5. Project Timeline
  6. Location (Virtual or In Person)
  7. Day of Event Timeline
  8. Day of Event Logistics

When you determine these eight key pieces, you can begin to build out a plan from here. 

The goal of your event is the most crucial piece. Make sure there’s a key focus on the event goal. All planning stakeholders, presenters, and speakers should be aware of and aligned with the event goal. Afterall, you can’t really gauge the success of an event without having a goal.

Having a realistic budget and timelines to execute a successful event will be the key to avoiding unnecessary stress and setbacks.

Whether you are hosting a virtual event or in person, choose a platform or location that works best for your attendees as this is about them, not you.

A theme will help in planning many details around your event. Your theme not only helps with details, decor, and more but will provide a professional synergy for your attendees. It may also help your keynote speaker, presenter(s), and meeting stakeholders when everyone is aligned and in the know.

There are a number of things to consider after your hosted event but that’s for another blog and another day.

Happy Event Planning!

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