Create Levels, Add Bling, and Consider Your Dishes

3 Holiday Tablescape Tips

Are you always considering ways to make your table look the best when you drop all that yummy food down and nestle in for a good meal with friends or family? Me too! Here are 3 tips to make your Tablescape pop and even enhance the taste of the meal.

  • Create Levels
  • Add Bling
  • Consider Your Dishes

Create Levels that go up and down by using things you may already have. Not too high or you’ll block your view of those across the table. Cake stands or a slender plant or candle are perfect for adding height. Place a pretty napkin over the cake stand and you’ve got a lovely place for your bread, buns, a relish tray, or anything that isn’t hot.

Add Bling! Grab some faux floral for the season you have laying around and get creative. Since your table will be quite full when the food and plates are in place, you’ll just need a few little somethings that say “Welcome to the Season!” Place them near the center of the table in front of where your place settings will be or in the center of the table if round.

Consider Your Dishes. Does your table have one dish from the last four sets of dishes you’ve owned or been gifted? Like 4 Corelle Dishes that are each different in design. Don’t just grab the last ones that went in the cupboard because they are top😕 Consider coordinating dinner plates with the bowls and platters in color and/or theme. They don’t all have to match but a few minutes of thought can prepare you for a nice-looking table using what you have. Adding texture with baskets and glass serving dishes provides a great touch. Tip…need some need dishes? I have built a very inexpensive set of white dishes. WHY? Because they work with every season and don’t steal the show from your fun and colorful table decor.

In the end, a little extra time considering your levels, bling, and dishes can provide your guests with an initial sensation of a great meal before they take their first bite! An experienced chef knows that eating is more than just taste. Taste, after all, comes after the initial feeling and sensations of actually smelling, then seeing, and then enjoying. It may seem like a cliche saying, but people really do eat with their eyes.

Happy tablescaping!

Linda Mestnik

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